• Golf Course & Facility Filming

  • Commercial Media Productions

  • Creative Consulting

  • Event Filming

  • Promotional Video

  • TV-Ad Spot

Aerial & Commercial
Video Productions

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  • Immersive Virtually Reality (VR)

  • Tourism Feature & Advertisement

  • Golf Course & Resort Filming

  • Commercial & Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Youtube)

VR 360° Video Production

  • 360° Virtual Tour

  • Resides on Google Eco-System

  • Google Search, Google Maps, Goolge+

  • Reach 65% of the world’s population

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Youtube)

Google Business

  • Designated Service Supplier for NGCOA Canada

  • Preferred Rates for NGCOA Members

  • Golf Course & Resort Filming

  • Google Services & Marketing Consultation

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Youtube)

NGCOA Canada

What We Do

Marketing Media Solutions Redefined

Goose Vision is Canada’s premier marketing media solutions company with expertise in aerial filming/traditional cinematography/360° media creation content catering to any business who want to further their marketing exposure.  With our team of experts in ‘drone’ filming & commercial grade cinematography, we specialize in producing highly inspirational, epic-quality productions spanning all types of categories with maximum effectiveness.  In 2016 with the new addition of ‘Google Certified Photographer’, we now provide 360° Degree content for the Google ecosystem furthering our service in marketing solutions.  With our primal sense of marketing media Goose Vision has grown to provide professional advice in our end products of services with maximum return on client’s investment.

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